HAC Public Mining Pool
0% Fee For HAC Miner 

WOWPOOL made for everyone free to mine $HAC. wowpool hosted on high speed server.
wowpool has 99.99% uptime and live stats reporting.

选择你信任的 0% 手续费 $HAC 矿池
WOWPOOL 让每个人都可以免费开采 $HAC。
WOWPOOL  托管在高速服务器上。
WOWPOOL  99.99% 的正常运行时间和实时统计报告。

 Setting up Poolworker

Please Download Latest $HAC Pool Mining Software  Here.
Change the IP address in poolworker.config.ini file to
Enter your reward address and CPU Core # in supervene Then Save It !
Run poolworker and Happy Mining $HAC !!!
View mining status enter in your browser or click here

我们建议只下载官方提供的挖矿程序 : https://hacash.org
设置你的HAC奖励地址和电脑 CPU 核心数量: supervene 
运行 poolworker, Happy Mining $HAC !!!


The mining pool rewards both block producers and non-block producers in the pool ensuring that everyone contributing mining power is rewarded. Specifically, in addition to any transaction processing fees for a mined block of the mining pool, the block producers receive 50% of the reward separately, and the remaining 50% of the block reward is divided among the other pool miners based on their mining power contribution for the time period.
For example, let’s say we have 5 Pool Workers (abbreviated “PW”). Each PW contributes equal amounts of mining power to the pool (20% each). PW-1 then successfully discovers the next block. PW-1 will receive 50% of the block reward. PWs-2, 3, 4 and 5 will then equally split the remaining 50% of the block reward since they were contributing equal mining power. Of course, in the real world, different PWs will contribute different amounts of mining power. Each PW is rewarded based on the power that is being contributed to the pool.

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