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WoW_0527 | $HAC Trusted Pool

请一定注意选择你信任的 HAC 矿池方

Please Download $HAC Poolworker File only @ Officail Site

我们建议只下载官方提供的挖矿程序 : https://hacash.org

We strongly recommend 我们建议系统 Ubuntu Linux for Mining!

Change the IP address in poolworker.config.ini file to

WoW_0527_II :

WoW_0527 :




设置你的电脑 CPU 核心数量,启用多少个线程挖矿supervene :

Enter your reward address and CPU Core # in supervene , Save It !

Run miner_poolworker and Go !!!

查看加入矿池挖矿算力的统计 /

View mining status enter |

Welccome Mining With Strong Real Cores Miners WoW_0527

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